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Book Signing! With Carole Jordan

  • Kunjani Craft Coffee & Gallery 780 Seagate Dr Naples, FL, 34103 United States (map)

Book Signing with Carole Jordan, Author Of "Until I Flew… & On The Inside; Became Beautiful!

Join us at Kunjani for this special event!

Carole was born in a seaside town made popular by the Victorian aristocracy, on the northwest English coast, with 3 piers, a Tower and many Theaters to its credit, where in the 60’s the Beatles played and the Queen visited. Though from Blackpool she departed at the age of 19 years, to study and lay claim to her nursing career, her earliest dream from yesteryear, as to it she held steadfast, through her sheer determination, she was to achieve it. 

It was 15 years after her career began and following a Caribbean island vacation, Carole was to start to relinquish the boundaries of her past that had held her back, as a new beginning began to beckon her. And it across the dateline and off to Auckland on the northern island of New Zealand, where she was to live for five years, and though she settled well, her nursing career took a tumble, so it was off to Australia, Sydney in New South Wales she was to venture in continued pursuit of her nursing profession. But alas, with the weather too hot and humid for her comfort, 8 months later it was an interstate relocation down to Melbourne on the southeast coast, where a further four years were to pass, she was employed in the nursing field, though not her preferred of Occupational Health & Safety which she missed, and with work and health unsatisfactory, she departed those shores after a choice to move to France, where in Paris she attempted to learn a nouvelle, new language, before travelling ‘dans le sud de la France’ down to the south of France, to pursue her new dream, to renovate a property and become her own boss as she was to open a ‘Chambre d’Hote,’ a Bed & Breakfast retreat, or a ‘Gite,’ Holiday Cottage, close by the Mediterranean Sea.



For Carole had come from a childhood of adversity, where constant abuse was a daily encounter to face, yet through it all she had survived, and even though, 4 out of 5 decades her life had been threatened, somehow, still she lived and pulled through, becoming determined as her experiences grew, taking a route, from survival through to recovery, where eventually, thriving became possible. For whatever evolved posing as barriers against her, somehow from somewhere, she mustered the strength to plough right on through, determined to be healed as she let her soul grow and repair, for she persisted so consecutively so; deliberately determined to discover an antidote to her poisonous past, to become the person who she believed she was able and deserved to be, thriving, enveloped by most favorable future prospects, as her heart no longer dead, but restored, with genuine love within, to be gratefully, revered and adored.

And so it was, she learnt to master the art of regrouping “Me, Myself and I,” as she transposed a catalogue of corrosive-errors, into an aspect, of not viewing misfortune or mistakes as overwhelming, but as an opportunity to learn and grow as she formed her personal ledger of lessons, that had served unwittingly as tools of transformation, of she who used to be on the blame, holding in her hand a first class ticket, but she was to relinquish it, as she jumped right off, onto stable ground, which no longer shuddered beneath her feet. For forgiveness, a tricky route at first, but through practice she mastered it, and it served as a friend and not a foe, as it aided to propel her forward, to a future that was beckoning her, with new-found hope, where what she had always deserved, a life in which to flourish, were awaiting her.

For low self-esteem and confidence that she lacked, became personality traits that were surpassed, as worth-less-ness was replaced by a healthier worthy-ness, as that ingrained fear, that she knew not by name, though it affected all she ever thought or did, yet all were to be eradicated and expelled, as no longer could those previously harmful days and ways from her abusive childhood, effect that future of pleasant and nurturing memories she was determined to amass. 

And all this became possible that she was to escape her debilitating past, when eventually Carole recognized a missing though crucial element, to first admit and accept what was done against her, so at last with that key finally found, she was able to move on, travelling through those inviting doors widely swung open before her. Then happily, healing on the inside, onward, she was heading toward to an honest life, moving away from pain and distress, to the one she deserved of comfort, peace and a gentle warmth in which to bathe her soul, as her heart became whole, and living afresh and anew, in freedom, was what she was truly worthy and able to do!

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