"Mongoose is an orrginal design and manufacturing company based in Pretoria, South Africa. 

Committed to our proudly local ethos, we love designing fresh and colorful products with a strong indigenous style. 

Our team consists of thirty people who contribute to the designing and manufacturing of our products." 

"We only use 100% natural cotton and linen base cloth that is color fast and highly durable. Our designs are unique and proudly South African. Our bags are trimmed with local bovine leather with fine detail, ensuring strength and resilience."

Oh Voilà

Jewelry and Accessories

jewelry and accessories

Kunjani is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Oh Voilà jewelry and accessories. This unique line, with signature awareness pieces promoting “Afro chic with attitude,” are designed by Barbara Kasasa and handcrafted by previously impoverished women in Cape Town - South Africa.

Oh Voilà is using South Africa’s rich cultural heritage of the Shweshwe fabric in a contemporary, minimalistic way.

Be different and make a difference wearing unique handmade jewelry. “Job creation in the most elegant way.”

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One of Each

Unique Bags

modern bags

A mother & daughter duo (Tamburai and Pauline Chirume) based in Cape Town, South Africa. The concept of ONEOFEACH promotes a spirit of creative authenticity where modern fibers meet ethnic traditional prints from all over Africa, drawing inspiration from color, shapes, size, art and meaning from each fabric that is sourced. Each and every piece is unique with its own identity and story.

ONEOFEACH believes that the customer is an individual, drawn to an item for a reason, hence they believe in making only one item in each style per size. 

Sustainability and conserving the Earth and natural resources is one of the main values therefore they use mostly off-cut materials when making all the items. Each and every piece by ONEOFEACH has its’ story which resonates with its’ future or current purchaser.

The vision is of a balance between wisdom, innovation and recent fashion trends, which is evident in the product and important in todays’ society where innovation in business is key.


Freedom of Movement

Leather Bags

Leather bags
leather bags

"Our own artisans handcraft all our products and our production team is headed by two very talented individuals with years of experience in the handcrafting of exclusive leather products."

"Our methods are based on the traditional principles of leather craftsmanship, utilizing the same tools that have been used to create authentic leather goods for decades. This is then blended with our own more modern techniques developed through years of experience to ensure that our production process is not only efficient, but that our products are of the highest quality that can only be achieved by true artisans."

FOM was founded in 2013 by two brothers, the one a qualified Chartered Accountant with an appetite for entrepreneurship, and the other a qualified Civil Engineer with a passion for design. It all started in a small room at the University of Stellenbosch, with nothing but an idea, a sewing machine and Benjamin, a true artisan and a human being in it’s purest form.

FOM now employs 9 people in a 130 m2 workshop and we are determined to keep growing in order to play their part in boosting the local economy of South Africa.

Fraser Mackay

Pencil Artist

Pencil Painting
Pencil painting of tigers

Fraser Mackay is an AMAZING Zimbabwean artist whose artworks you'll find hanging in our Gallery. Fraser is one of Southern Africa's premier pencil and graphite artists.
Fraser is very active in raising money for conservation and other local efforts in Zimbabwe. After learning about the launch of our non-profit #KunjaniProject, Fraser surprised us by donating of one of his pieces 'Brotherly Love' which we'll be auctioning off as a fundraiser! 
 We are so thrilled! Thank you to Fraser Mackay Art for your love and support and thank you to Bad Rabbit Studio for this awesome video... Please stay tuned for more details :)

Fraser Mackay is a pencil artist who specializes in African Wild Life. He was born and grew up in Zimbabwe, in the heart of Africa.

He began drawing at an early age and became fascinated with sketching the vast array of wild animals, studying them closely, paying attention to their movement and their unique expressions, in particular their eyes as he believes they hold the key to capturing the emotionalindividuality of each animal.

He is inspired in so many ways by the sheer beauty of the majestic beasts of Africa, having spent a great deal of his time in the wild.

After completing his national service, Fraser backpacked around Europe working as a musician which he reflects on as a particularly special time in his life as it gave him a chance not only to learn about different places and cultures but also to express his creativity through an alternative artistic discipline. To this day Fraser remains keen on his music, but it is the world of art where he finds his greatest passion.

Fraser is entirely self-taught and began his professional career in oils on canvas, which he did for over a decade.  Eager to try something new, he began experimenting with different mediums, in particular graphite and pastel pencil which he finds better resonates with the emotions he tries to encapsulate.

He has held solo exhibitions in the United Kingdom and The United Arab Emirates as well as many countries in Southern Africa. He receives commissions globally , and his work continues to attract attention from collectors and investors.

Fraser is also an avid conservationist and continues to dedicate much of his time to raising awareness as well as funds for these threatened and endangered animals through donations of his art work to anti-poaching units in Zimbabwe; namely ‘The Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit’ and ‘The Save River conservancy’.

He is currently involved in raising funds to bring in trained Malinois tracking dogs from Europe (which has proved to be effective in other parts of the continent) to help in the scourge of poaching which is decimating the wild life populations.

When asked what motivates him to be a professional artist Fraser simply states, “If I can move people emotionally with my art work and raise awareness for the plight of our African wild life, then I feel that I am for filling my purpose on this planet.”


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Carole Nevin

Painted Textiles

Carole Nevin Serviette

"I started painting textiles from my garage in 1993. It all started with a desire to earn a good living doing something creative and contributing to poverty alleviation in South Africa. I was not trained in textiles and if I look back over the years, many of them tough, I realize that it was pure passion for colour and design and sheer determination to create something beautiful that forged the path to where we are today.

My business grew into a family business and this is the solid foundation on which it rests. We now employ 40 people. The people that work for us are vital to the success of this business. Everything is handmade, both hand-painted or hand-printed, and therefore very labour intensive and exacting. 

We are very proud to have the opportunity to train and employ many previously disadvantaged individuals both locals as well as from other African countries, many of whom come from informal settlements. We have a policy of job creation and training especially for unskilled or semi-skilled workers and in our small way we contribute to redressing the ills of the past regime and poverty in Africa."

Barry Lungu

Acrylic Paint

acrylic paint

A post independent first generation Zimbabwean fine artist, predominantly known for creating acrylic works demonstrating an “Afro Impressionistic” style.

The environment around me influences my work. Everyday people going about their business are a regular feature in my paintings. The buzz of the township forms influence for most of my works.

My interest and challenge in creating art has been to capture the everyday elements of modern African life especially the busy market scenes and the hustle and bustle of the continent's township landscape.

I love to express contemporary experiences in acrylic paint applied with a brush and knife, in a way that I could never describe in words.

Figures in crowds are the main inspiration for my style. They greatly feed the love for expressing myself with this form, particularly those from the biggest marketplace in Zimbabwe, Mbare Market.

My favourite subjects are often those in which most of the elements are not fixed but always in a constant state of movement. There must be movement for it to arouse me to paint.

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