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Established by Fée Halsted in the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains of KwaZulu-Natal, whose artists are considered by their community to be the isigweli – the fortunate ones. Ardmore's 25th anniversary in 2010 saw the launch of Ardmore Design Collection, which translated Ardmore's distinctive imagery and styling into functional, superb quality ceramic and non-ceramic products including dinnerware, tapestries, furniture, fabrics for soft furnishings, and more.

The artists from the Ardmore studio are given training, direction, materials, a studio and a guaranteed market for their work, supported by a skilled marketing and administrative team.

Over the years, Ardmore's artists have won numerous awards and exhibited widely in South Africa and around the world. Ardmore artworks feature in leading galleries and collections, including the Museum of Art & Design in New York, the Museum of Cultures in Basel, Switzerland, and the Tatham Art Gallery in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

The acclaimed auction house Christie's has acknowledged Ardmore artworks as "modern day collectibles.”

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