Fraser Mackay

Pencil Artist

Pencil Painting
Pencil painting of tigers

Fraser Mackay is an AMAZING Zimbabwean artist whose artworks you'll find hanging in our Gallery. Fraser is one of Southern Africa's premier pencil and graphite artists.
Fraser is very active in raising money for conservation and other local efforts in Zimbabwe. After learning about the launch of our non-profit #KunjaniProject, Fraser surprised us by donating of one of his pieces 'Brotherly Love' which we'll be auctioning off as a fundraiser! 
 We are so thrilled! Thank you to Fraser Mackay Art for your love and support and thank you to Bad Rabbit Studio for this awesome video... Please stay tuned for more details :)

Fraser Mackay is a pencil artist who specializes in African Wild Life. He was born and grew up in Zimbabwe, in the heart of Africa.

He began drawing at an early age and became fascinated with sketching the vast array of wild animals, studying them closely, paying attention to their movement and their unique expressions, in particular their eyes as he believes they hold the key to capturing the emotionalindividuality of each animal.

He is inspired in so many ways by the sheer beauty of the majestic beasts of Africa, having spent a great deal of his time in the wild.

After completing his national service, Fraser backpacked around Europe working as a musician which he reflects on as a particularly special time in his life as it gave him a chance not only to learn about different places and cultures but also to express his creativity through an alternative artistic discipline. To this day Fraser remains keen on his music, but it is the world of art where he finds his greatest passion.

Fraser is entirely self-taught and began his professional career in oils on canvas, which he did for over a decade.  Eager to try something new, he began experimenting with different mediums, in particular graphite and pastel pencil which he finds better resonates with the emotions he tries to encapsulate.

He has held solo exhibitions in the United Kingdom and The United Arab Emirates as well as many countries in Southern Africa. He receives commissions globally , and his work continues to attract attention from collectors and investors.

Fraser is also an avid conservationist and continues to dedicate much of his time to raising awareness as well as funds for these threatened and endangered animals through donations of his art work to anti-poaching units in Zimbabwe; namely ‘The Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit’ and ‘The Save River conservancy’.

He is currently involved in raising funds to bring in trained Malinois tracking dogs from Europe (which has proved to be effective in other parts of the continent) to help in the scourge of poaching which is decimating the wild life populations.

When asked what motivates him to be a professional artist Fraser simply states, “If I can move people emotionally with my art work and raise awareness for the plight of our African wild life, then I feel that I am for filling my purpose on this planet.”


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