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A mother & daughter duo (Tamburai and Pauline Chirume) based in Cape Town, South Africa. The concept of ONEOFEACH promotes a spirit of creative authenticity where modern fibers meet ethnic traditional prints from all over Africa, drawing inspiration from color, shapes, size, art and meaning from each fabric that is sourced. Each and every piece is unique with its own identity and story.

ONEOFEACH believes that the customer is an individual, drawn to an item for a reason, hence they believe in making only one item in each style per size. 

Sustainability and conserving the Earth and natural resources is one of the main values therefore they use mostly off-cut materials when making all the items. Each and every piece by ONEOFEACH has its’ story which resonates with its’ future or current purchaser.

The vision is of a balance between wisdom, innovation and recent fashion trends, which is evident in the product and important in todays’ society where innovation in business is key.