Sheri Thompson



Sheri has 10+ years experience creating fabulous wind chimes, and creating and/or refurbishing and/or upcycling crusty old chandeliers and transforming them into true visions of beauty. 

She has learned much through her experience, and her works of art are a result of that experience.  Her passion for dazzle and sparkle and color plays an integral role in her creative ability.

Sheri's wind chimes and chandeliers are designed with deconstructed antique and vintage chandeliers, lamps, lighting components and antique or vintage crystal prisms, and oftentimes blended with newer crystal prisms and components, creating a one~of~a~kind piece that can never be duplicated.

Nothing comes close to the beauty, shimmer, and unique melodic tones of antique leaded crystal prisms, so they are given new life and purpose in her wind chimes.

While Sheri strives to use only "perfect" antique and vintage crystal prisms, there may be a minor, or even a tiny, flaw here and there ~ they obviously enjoyed long lives, but aren't quite ready to be forgotten!!

Hang a wind chime in a sunny window to enjoy the beautiful rainbow colors dancing around the room ~ it will make you smile (and make you laugh out loud if you have a cat!) They can also be hung outdoors in pleasant weather. Sheri's wind chimes are meant to be enjoyed year~round. 

Sheri moved to South Carolina three years ago from Upstate New York...she knew the South was to be her home...and she is loving every minute of it.