Sangalala All The Way!

Welcome to our newest venture within the Kunjani Project – the Sangalala Series.


The beginning of something amazing

While in Zambia this summer we met a young man who shared his story about a village nearby. He told us about a group of amazing, smart, driven young girls with big dreams to attend university. However, because of their gender they are afforded fewer opportunities than their male counterparts.


Following primary school in Zambia, young women are forced to cut their education short due to lack of funds.
These young women would love to attend university and follow their dreams and aspirations of pursuing a career. However, if they do not get the opportunity to go to college, they are forced into pre-arranged marriages

We want to change that

Our mission is to raise funds through accepting donations and selling merchandise. We have the Sangalala t-shirt and the Sangalala dream catchers.

These funds will go to the Sangalala Scholarship, a university scholarship that will send a young woman to college in Zambia.


Dream Catchers

The dream catchers are handmade from recycled materials in Zambia. The dream catchers represent the dreams and ambitions of the girls we are striving to help. They also represent our devotion to help them achieve their goals. These catchers are made by Mulberry Mongoose, a company created to raise awareness and funds for elephant conservation in Zambia. In addition to their main mission, they are also helping create jobs within a small community in Zambia.

By purchasing this dream catcher you will not only be helping us to send a young girl to college, but you will also be a part of job creation and elephant conservation in Zambia.

We also want to give these young women hope, and through love and guidance, help them to achieve their goals. ❤️

Here are a few of the girls stories

My name is Mildred Chisaka, I was born on the 16th of November in 2003. I am 15 years old and I love to read and learn new words. I am in grade 8 at Kabwatu Primary School in Chieftainess Chiawa. English is my favorite subject in class because I want to be a journalist. I come from a family of five, four girls and one boy. I stay with my mom and she doesn’t work, but sells vegetables at the market nearby. That’s the only source of income she uses to send my siblings and I to school. Because business is never stable there are times when I have to skip school or I am chased away from class because I have not paid my school fees, which has a lot of impact on my overall exams and results. This is why I need to work hard in school so I can uplift my family’s lives and I must find something better to do.

“Sangalala all the way to become a journalist.”
“My name is Lubidzai Kapembwa,Lubidzai, which means praise. I was born on the 6th November
2003. I am the second born in the family of 3. I am currently under the shelter of my stepfather
and fortunately am in school by the grace of God, because my stepfather is always supporting
his biological children first. Though am mostly the highest in class I struggle with funds, which
means I have to miss class until I clear my fees, and that has had an affect on my exam scores.
My favorite subject is science and my ambition is to be a nurse so I can help the poor and sick,
but most of all I can help my siblings go and complete their education.”

“Sangalala all the way to becoming a nurse.”
“My name is Jennifer Makwalimba. I was born on the 31 October, 2002. I come from a family of
7 and am the 6th, I live with my gran mother. She is the one that helps and encourages me a lot.
She works small jobs at the banana plantation to take me to school, which is very tough for her
as she growing old. Hence, I sometimes have to miss school to also try and contribute to the
family and my school fees. I love school because I have seen people that have excelled due to
the opportunities education gives. My favorite subject is science and mathematics, my ambition
is to become a doctor so that whenever my gran mother gets sick I will be there for her just like
she is for me.

“Sangalala all the way to became a doctor.”