Survive & Thrive Yoga (July)

Please join us this month while we support another amazing local non-profit


Empowering cancer survivors through accessible yoga and mindfulness practices. 


Their Mission

“Our mission is to empower cancer survivors to reduce physical and mental suffering. Our programs are based on yoga and mindfulness practices that cultivate freedom, choice and balance for cancer survivors, families and care givers.”

Their Programs

They have transitional programs to support cancer survivors to help the healing that takes place on a mental/emotional level. These are called “Survivorship” programs. These are essential for enhancing the quality of life after a cancer diagnosis. For anyone who has heard the words “you have cancer”, life does not get back to “normal” and survivors are unprepared for what life looks like. We often survive and are now living longer with the long term effects of cancer treatments.

Traditional healthcare is starting to acknowledge the transformative effect of yoga and cancer.


I'm Wendy Campbell and it is my passion to share one the most valuable gifts I have ever received, my yoga practice.


Wendy Campbell:
My Journey

"After being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2006, my healing journey began. Following medical treatment that included chemotherapy and radiation, my relationship with yoga truly became the source of my well being. As a certified yoga instructor with 15 years experience, the knowledge that I have learned and wisdom I have gained through my practice has helped to empower other Cancer Survivors. I founded Survive & Thrive to serve as a supportive agent in transitioning to those living with, though and beyond cancer. I believe there is always an option to step into greater alignment and to survive and thrive."


"My vision comes from my journey living with and healing from cancer. Yoga is my saving grace. Survive & Thrive is committed to sharing practices that reduce suffering and cultivate freedom, choice, and balance. When we make the choice to align to our highest self every moment, we can regain dignity, strength, and joy. Make every breath count.

At present, Survive & Thrive is the only organization in Collier County that offers yoga instruction and mindfulness techniques based on cancer-sensitivity programming. Out certified yoga instructors are also certified by Yoga4cancer to provide the safest and most effective methodology for student learning. Our individualized curriculum is designed to address the specific needs of our clients.

Our services include; yoga workshops, individualized wellness immersion, retreats, and a cancer specific video library. As a nonprofit organization our programs are funded by donations and grants. These funds make it possible to make our programs available to those in need."


After completing treatment for an aggressive form of cancer with a dire prognosis, Wendy Campbell provided the opportunity for me to fully participate in a yoga experience. I developed strength, flexibility, stamina and health. Yoga is a way of life that has change my life. With the deepest gratitude, I thank you Wendy.
— Tracey
One of the best things that happened to me after chemotherapy was meeting Wendy. My body and mind feel so much better. I am more relaxed, sleep better, more confidence and flexibility. Much Love
— Georgia

Get Involved or Volunteer

Share your story, time, resources, and skills with Survive & Thrive and the community. If you would like to get involved with our future programs in any capacity, contact us!


Your donations make it possible for Survive & Thrive to provide services for cancer survivors and their families. Join us in making our vision a reality; by enhancing the wellness of our cancer survivorship community!

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Survive & Thrive is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit