Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


After months of fundraising and so many generous donations, our goal of being able to provide clean water to a village in Africa is within reach. We have almost raised our goal of $10,000 but we need your help to finish it off before the end of the year. 

We have decided to partner with Design Outreach, an amazing organization that embodies so many of the same values that we do. They focus on providing long-term solutions to problems, instead of simply applying a band-aid to a situation. This is one of the main reasons we decided to partner with DO, and part of the reason it took so long to decide who to work with. Being from Zimbabwe I have seen first hand how necessary it is to understand a culture and research what a community actually needs - instead of simply providing what you think they would benefit from. I've seen so many projects lead nowhere despite the best intentions.


When I started the Kunjani Project I wanted to ensure that we were going to stand out from other organizations doing similar projects. It is one thing to try and fix a problem, but what is even more important is being able to provide lasting solutions that will continue working for years to come. This is achieved by taking the time to understand and recognize cultural differences, provide adequate education and teachings surrounding an implemented solution, and making sure there are systems in place for maintenance and upkeep. These are among the many principles DO operates under and why I am so excited to be working together.  

It also turns out that one of my good high school friends actually works for DO and we reconnected through this mission of wanting to install water pumps in Africa. Whether it was coincidence or divine intervention, this was the final confirmation I needed, to know I had made the right choice to work with DO

I am so happy to announce that the Kunjani Project will be providing clean water to a village in Kenya early next year! By partnering with DO I can assure that we will be installing the best water pump out there. The Life Pump allows people of all ages to pump water, no matter their size or stature. It is also extremely durable and requires little to no maintenance - this is obviously extremely important especially in third world countries. 

Take a look at this wonderful video showing exactly what we are striving to accomplish. With just a few more donations we can make this dream a reality for so many people.