Women's Foundation of Collier County (May)

Please join us this month while we support another amazing local non-profit


The Women’s Foundation of Collier County (WFCC), established in 1996, is a field-of-interest fund administered by the Community Foundation of Collier County.

Their goals:

  • Build a $5 million endowment to provide $250,000 in grantmaking for at-risk women and girls annually, in perpetuity.
  • Engage individuals interested in supporting the unmet needs of women and girls.

Why is a women’s foundation important?

Food Insecurity

  • It costs $66,127 to live in Collier County, yet public assistance only covers income below the U.S. poverty rate of $23,050.
  • 25% or 16,000 children in Collier County do not have enough food – compared to 22% statewide.
  • 66% of Collier County students qualify for free and reduced lunch – compared to 56% statewide.

Teen Birth Rate

  • For girls age 15-19, the multiple birthrate is 4.2/1,000 – compared to 1.7/1,000 statewide.
  • Collier County ranks 56th out of 67 Florida counties for new mothers without a high school diploma or GED.
  • Teen pregnancy to mothers without a high school education is the number one indicator of future poverty

Senior Women and Poverty

  • 21% of all seniors live alone in Collier County, 12,769 women compared to 5851 men.
  • The waiting list for affordable senior housing is often three to five years.
  • Women in Collier County, receive $461 less per month for Social than men.

How they help

The Women’s Foundation has distributed grants of over $500,000 since inception in program areas of:

  • Health and Safety
  • At-Risk Teens
  • Basic Needs
  • Senior Women

What they can provide with your help

  • $5,000 would provide 52 women and young women feminine hygiene products (not provided through food banks) for one year.
  • $10,000 would provide mammogram screenings to 111 women without healthcare insurance.
  • $100,000 would provide 10 students with two-year, renewable $5,000 scholarships towards a four year degree, associate degree or technical program certification.
  • $1 million would provide housing for a year for 104 elderly women who are being displaced or evicted.

What they do

In 2017, the Women’s Foundation focused its grantmaking on supporting three
organizations with larger impact grants.

  • The Senior Friendship Health Center was granted $20,000 to create an “Uninsured Patient Fund” for specific at-risk female patients who do not have the personal funding for the “next step” treatment for their cancer diagnosis. So far, they have provided 45 patients with needed testing — giving them hope, health and dignity.
  • The $20,000 grant to Legal Aid Service of Collier County is being used to stabilize women and girls in economic crisis by providing free legal services critical to their well-being. To date, Legal Aid Services has assisted 75 clients, including 34 women and 41 children.
  • The Women’s Foundation $20,000 grant to Salvation Army Naples to provide one-month’s rent and mortgage assistance to women and their families who are living in poverty and at risk of homelessness. So far, they have served four households comprised of 11 individuals with almost $5,000 in rental assistance.

How you can get involved

  • Serve on a Women’s Foundation of Collier County Committee.
  • Mentor a girl through the Junior Women of Initiative Program at the Boys & Girls Club of Collier County.
  • Sponsor or Volunteer to help at an event.
  • Donate a purse for the Power of the Purse event.
  • Create a legacy in Collier county for women & girls by putting the Women’s Foundation of Collier County in your estate plan.

For more information, contact Eileen Connolly-Keesler at ekeesler@cfcollier.org or 239.649.5000