Fix the Gut...Fix the Body!


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Fix the Gut...Fix the Body!

All disease begins in the Gut...
Words written over 2000 years ago could not be more true today. Our digestive system is lined with over one tennis court of swft of highly absorbable membranes that are involved in every aspect of our health. Toxins permeate, damage this lining creating bodywide inflammation to interfere with the functions of the digestive system disrupting brain, hormones, circulatory, heart, joints, and contribute to all health issues to some degree--including autoimmune conditions.

Wellness Wednesday Tip:

When we don't break down food, it sits in the gut, putrefies and results in poor nutrition absorption, gas, burping, acid reflux and damage to the digestive lining.

Tips to help break down our food:

  • Chew Chew Chew--up to 70% of digestion begins in the mouth for breaking down food and also for activating our vital enzymes to break down food.  
  • Use digestive enzymes with every meal.
  • Eat smaller meals.
  • Add a splash of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with "the Mother") to a bit of water and drink it 5 minutes prior to eating.

Remember...soothing and caring for our gut ultimately impacts up to 80% of our immune system. In addition, "leaky gut" influences our susceptibility to autoimmune conditions.

Taking care of our digestive system is not only a good's vital to overall health.

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