The Bottom Line of Essential Oils


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The Bottom Line of Essential Oils

With so many essential oils on the market today how do you know which ones to get? Once you have them, what is the best way to use them?! 

We will answer these questions and more and give you the "bottom line" of essential oils. The world is complicated, essential oils don't have to be.

Wellness Wednesday Tip:

Scents are an important part of world and have the power to make us feel happy, sad, reminiscent, or even disgusted. We can call on the memory of a scent to change our mood at any time even though we may not be actually smelling it. 

Give it a try.....close your eyes.  Think of the best scent in the world to you. Now really inhale it and see how it makes you feel. It probably put a smile on your face!  Now when people tell you to go to your happy place, it's only a sniff away! And doesn't that make you feel good.

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