Wellness Wednesdays are here!

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Kunjani and Firefly Within have once again paired up to offer you this great free event series to help you take control of your health the natural way.

Wellbeing, yours and ours, is very important to us at Kunjani and so it is with great joy that we begin our Wellness Wednesday's today.  Our goal is to provide options and to educate the community on various alternative health and wellness modalities and basic knowledge.  Each Wednesday one of our health partners will post a health tip on our Facebook page and our Website. The following Saturday at Kunjani from 3-4.30pm, they will expand on this.  All are welcome and it is donation based, with the donation being given to the local NPO being supported by Kunjani for the month


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Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me!

How many times did you chant this as a kid? It may be the biggest lie we were ever told. Our words and thoughts greatly impact our health and the health of those around us.

Join us at Kunjunai on Saturday, March 10 at 3:00 for an informal discussion and demonstration of how this is so very true and, most importantly, what you can do about it now.

Wednesday Health Tip: 

Ask yourself these 3 things before you speak:

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it necessary?
  3. Is it kind?

By being thoughtful about our words we could actually improve our health!