Your Energy Field and You


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Your Energy Field and You

Are you feeling anxious, worried, sad, fearful, angry or just unsettled?
With so much going on in the world around us we can find ourselves absorbing this energy and it can weigh us down making us emotionally exhausted and even sick.

Wellness Wednesday Tip:

Your energy field extends 3-5 feet all around you. It is capable of picking up energy from others as well as giving off energy of your own. It is like a powerful radio tower and can even pick up energies from someone you love but lives half way around the world!

To see what we mean, see how you feel when you are standing next to someone who is happy and in a good mood. Then compare that to how you feel when you are next to someone who is upset or angry. By being aware of the effect others have on us we can make a choice to be with uplifting people and avoid negative "Debbie Downers". 

It's not always possible but awareness is the first step! 

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at Kunjani, April 7 at 3:00 -4:30pm to find out more and learn simple techniques to free yourself from this energy baggage.