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3 Reasons Why Colombian Coffee Is So Good

When discussing which countries make the best coffee, it’s no secret that Colombia is one of the top picks. So many coffee lovers are in love with the rich taste Colombian coffee offers.

However, with so many options and variations of coffee, what sets Colombian coffee apart? Here are three reasons why it’s so distinct:

1. Location

Planting coffee and caring for it requires the right environment, and these crops grow best in locations with a mild climate. Geographically, some countries may experience more extreme weather than others. Colombia has the ideal location in terms of climate.

Colombia is mountainous and has many elevated terrains that contain great soil for coffee to grow in. Along with that, the whole country features the perfect balance of rainfall and sunlight. The temperature there is excellent, perfect soil and the exact right amount of rainfall.

Colombian coffee mountain

There are many coffee-growing areas in Colombia, which provides variation in the coffee beans they grow. Some can be more acidic, and some have a sharper sweetness to them when brewed. Colombia is aware of its landscape and the opportunity to create the perfect coffee for anyone.

2. Coffee Production

With the advantage of location, there are thousands upon thousands of coffee producers in Colombia. However, there’s no sacrificing quality for quantity at all in this country. Each and every bean is picked by hand. Yes, you read that right: each one of the nearly 600,000 coffee producers in Colombia picks every bit of their harvest by hand.

The reason for this ‘cherry-picking’ is because humans can tell the difference between the unripe, overripe, and green coffee beans. Some beans are ready to be harvested, while some aren’t. The Colombian coffee producer can inspect and recognize which beans are ready to get processed and which are not quite ready yet.

Being very particular about which coffee beans are best to ship out worldwide ensures top-notch quality. After all, Colombia itself boasts having the finest coffee and being one of the world’s biggest coffee producers and exporters. It’s a well-deserved title that they don’t take lightly or for granted as they maintain their international reputation.

Colombian coffee producer cherry picking

3. 100% Arabica Beans

The two main varieties of coffee beans are Arabica beans and Robusta beans (as well as new varieties produced within those two species). Although both are compared to each other often, coffee lovers can conclude that Arabica is more pleasant and appealing between the two. Although a little pricier, Arabica is sweeter, smoother on the throat, has chocolate-esque flavor notes, and has less caffeine than Robusta.

Some people may prefer Robusta, but it has a stronger taste. Robusta tends to be more bitter and harsher when drinking it. It also has more caffeine than Arabica, which can kick a person awake. Preferences aside, new coffee drinkers are more likely to enjoy using Arabica beans more.

Colombia is one of the only countries that produces 100% Arabica beans. Thanks to its world-renowned taste, Colombian coffee is a huge hit everywhere.


The Colombian coffee region is blessed with an optimal altitude and climate, a hand-picked harvesting process perfected over generations, and some of the finest beans in the world. The end result is gratifying and stimulating to the palate and senses. But there is nothing that can be done to rescue even the finest coffee on earth if the roast is dreadful, or if the beans have been stored poorly, or the grind is wrong, or if you brew it improperly.

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