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Brew Guide

Brew extraordinary coffee at home

Learn the fundamentals of brewing coffee

Freshness, grind, weight, temperature, and time all play an important part in the flavors extracted during the brewing process. With our brewing guide and a few rules of thumb you can get the most out of your beans at home. Let's get brewing

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Coffee Freshness

Coffee Storage

We do not recommend storing coffee in the refrigerator or freezer, as this damages the taste profile. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place to preserve flavor and aroma. Air, moisture, heat, and light are the enemy of fresh coffee.

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Coffee Grind

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Weight your Coffee

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Brew Time

Learn our favorite brewing methods

The following guides are a good place to start.

French Press

Classic method for full-bodied flavor.

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Timeless method for crisp and clean flavor.

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Hario V60

Elegant method for bright sharp flavor.

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Flash-chilled pour-over

Fastest method for iced coffee with complex flavor.

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Cold brew concentrate

High caffeination method for low acidity and smooth flavor.

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Brewing tea at home?

Check out a few tips and considerations to help you learn how to make the tastiest tea at home.

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Create Your Own DIY Coffee and Tea Station

With your very own coffee and tea station, you’ll have a special place in your home to prep, serve, and enjoy these warm beverages in style.

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