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4 Reasons For Buying Locally Roasted Coffee

Drinking coffee is an effective and enjoyable way to start the day right. Incorporating it into your morning routine provides ample energy to awaken your body and prepare for daily challenges. Since it is packed with antioxidants and vitamins, it also helps keep you healthy.

Whether you are a regular coffee drinker or just beginning to appreciate it, you probably have walked down the coffee aisle at your local supermarket and noticed all kinds of coffee from Starbucks to Dunkin Donuts, to even the supermarkets’ own brand.

There are plenty of options from light roast to dark roast and multiple blends with very interesting names and a very attractive price tag. So why, with all these coffee options at a supermarket, would you then buy coffee from a local coffee roaster like Kunjani?

Well, we provide you with quality beans that guarantee a unique drinking experience.

Here are the reasons why you should try locally roasted coffee:

1. Provides an irresistible aroma

The smell of a cup of coffee alone in the morning can instantly cheer you up or give comfort. By opting for locally roasted beans, you can enjoy a fulfilling coffee experience from the irresistible aroma of freshly ground coffee. Our roasting technique also brings out the purest scent from the beans that you will surely love.

2. Has a guaranteed unique flavor and freshness

Coffee tastes best after three to five days after roasting the beans. Getting a locally roasted and ethically sourced coffee like ours means the coffee is made fresh. Unlike other coffee shops that provide a bag pulled from a shelf, freshness matters for us, and we believe that the fresher the beans, the better the brew. We tap onto the natural oils on the coffee beans to bring out their aroma and flavor.

Because of this, we offer roasted-and-shipped-to-order coffee within 24 hours when possible. We roast in small batches only and schedule a roast day to produce unmatched freshly roasted beans and ensure quality and consistency every time.

We also use the Bellwether Coffee Roaster, the world’s most controllable and sustainable small-batch coffee roaster. It reduces the carbon footprint of roasting cycles by 90 percent.

3. Lets you support different communities through a sustainable means of livelihood

Purchasing locally roasted coffee means supporting a local small business and all the small coffee producers they buy from. We support small farmers in remote areas around the world. Consumers, on the other hand, get to experience virtue consumption by supporting the local business.

In our case, we prioritize inclusivity and sustainable means of livelihood. We believe in the power of coffee in bringing people together, which is why we support nonprofit organizations, vendors, and entrepreneurs by raising funds and spreading awareness by hosting pop-up shows monthly.

4. Offers value-oriented, ethically sourced products

As a small local roaster, we give importance to providing compostable to-go-ware, avoiding using straws, and offering discounts for customers using reusable tumblers.

We source our sustainable coffee from import partners, which allows us to meet high sustainability and transparency standards. These producer partners are paid above fair trade prices and are supported by receiving an additional donation of 0.20 dollars for every pound of coffee roasted. Customers can help them as well by leaving a tip during checkout.

The bottom line

Coffee does more than just offer a pick-me-up in the morning. With the right coffee beans, like locally sourced and roasted ones from our shop, you can have a one-of-a-kind experience because of the reasons listed above. Make sure to buy only from a trusted coffee roaster like us.

Kunjani is a women-owned coffee roaster that offers specialty coffee beans. From sourcing to roasting, we focus on sustainability, freshness, and eco-friendliness. We also have a coffee shop in Naples, Florida. Order now or visit our shop!

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