Why Is a Scale So Crucial to Brew Good Coffee?

Why Is a Scale So Crucial to Brew Good Coffee?

The experience of getting into coffee is quite deceptive because there’s so much more to learn than you may initially expect. At the start of your bean-brewing journey, you may have been more than satisfied to work with just a few bags of pre-ground coffee and a French press.

Over time, however, your ability to understand the coffee brewing process has led you down an enjoyable (albeit sometimes hectic) rabbit hole of never-ending learning.

Today, your coffee nook is populated with a wide assortment of tools and gadgets such as pour-overs, a gooseneck kettle, a frother and special canisters, and maybe even an espresso machine. Looking at everything that you have so far, you’re convinced that you don’t really need anything else to make amazing coffee with Kunjani’s exquisite beans…

But can you consider yourself fully equipped to brew wonderful cups without a scale?

Why Having a Scale Matters

Here’s something that you probably aren’t aware of: making great coffee doesn’t only require passion; it demands precision, too. And you can’t be precise without a scale.

Using a scale has likely only ever occurred to you when weighing yourself, preparing meals, or baking. However, it’s an important part of your coffee journey to realize that scales are integral for perfect brewing. Whether you’re someone who likes making espressos, pour-overs or cappuccinos, a scale is absolutely essential if you want to consistently brew fantastic cups of coffee.

To best understand why you should invest in a coffee scale for your nook, let’s look at a couple of compelling reasons that will convince you:

1. You Won’t Enjoy the Full Profile of Any Coffee Bean without a Scale

We’ve all been there: buying a premium bag of coffee beans, excitedly grinding them up once we get home, and putting our lessons to good use only to end up disappointed because the turnout wasn’t great.

Do you want to know why this might happen often? The answer is simple: you’re not using a scale.

Much like baking, brewing coffee entails maintaining a certain degree of precision that is instrumental in bringing out the best in the ingredients involved. In this case, this pertains to both water and your coffee grounds. If you’ve been suffering at the hands of brews that are either too sour, too bitter, or too watery, then it’s definitely because you don’t have a scale to help you out.

With the help of a precise coffee scale, you’ll be able to track your grams and maintain the perfect coffee-to-water ratio, bloom time, and pour. Although it may take some time to get used to working with this new tool, you’ll never regret taking the leap because of how much better your brews are going to taste!

A gram scale allows you to precisely measure the amount of coffee and water you use. This means you'll never have to guess again when it comes to scoops. You'll never have to question if you used the appropriate quantity of coffee again.

You can use 20 grams of coffee every morning if you want to. It's a piece of cake. You just toss those beans on the scale and call it a day.

This allows you to use the golden coffee to water ratios while brewing. These proportions are widely recognized as the most effective way to brew balanced coffee across the world.

The golden ratio is 1 gram of coffee to 15 to 17 grams of water. That is, for every 1g of coffee beans, 15-17g (or milliliters) of water is used to brew.

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2. A Scale Will Help You Get the Timing Right

Time is one element that many home brewers take for granted. And surprise, surprise, you’ll need a scale to get this right, too.

You see, making the perfect cup of coffee doesn’t just involve getting your grams, method, and water down to a T. It’s also about achieving the right timing between stages of the brewing process.

Each step from blooming to finishing must be carried out in a controlled and well-timed fashion because coffee is quite sensitive to how long it is exposed to various elements.

Today, most modern scales have timers that can be activated alongside the weighting functions for additional guidance during the brewing process. Once you start treating your beans right with precise timing on top of proper weighing, you can achieve a perfect balance between time and weight every single time!


One particular piece of equipment that will be a great asset to your coffee brewing sessions is a scale. When you begin using one, you’ll never have to worry about having a bad, overly-bitter, or overly-sour brew ever again.

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