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Crema: What It Is and Why It Matters in Espresso Coffee

Crema is a layer of fine froth that sits on top of espresso. It might not seem like much, but crema is widely considered to be a gold standard in espresso brewing. In this article, we'll explain what crema is and why it matters so much in espresso coffee. We'll also discuss the benefits of crema and how to achieve it in your own home espresso brewing setup!

What crema is and why it matters

Crema is a layer of foam that forms on the surface of espresso. It's composed of tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide gas, and it's this gas that gives crema its characteristic creamy texture. Crema is important because it contributes to the overall flavor and aroma of espresso. Many people believe that crema is one of the key factors that makes espresso coffee so unique and delicious.

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Crema is also a visual indicator of how well an espresso has been brewed. The thicker the crema, the better the coffee. Crema can range in color from light golden brown to dark reddish-brown, and it's considered to be a sign of excellence when it's thick and creamy.

So next time you're brewing espresso, take a moment to appreciate the crema. It's one of the things that makes espresso coffee so special.

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The benefits of crema

Crema has a few key benefits that make it so important in espresso brewing. First, crema enhances the flavor and aroma of espresso coffee. Second, crema helps to preserve the freshness of espresso beans. And finally, crema contributes to the espresso’s creamy texture, which makes espresso coffee more enjoyable to drink.

Other benefits of crema in coffee include:

  • It can help to prevent bitterness in espresso
  • It helps to stabilize the coffee's temperature
  • It acts as a filter for finer grinds.

All of these benefits make crema one of the most important aspects of espresso brewing. If you're looking for the perfect cup of espresso, be sure to pay attention to your crema and make sure it's thick and creamy.

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How to achieve crema in your espresso coffee

There are a few things you can do to ensure that you get good crema in your espresso coffee. First, use quality espresso beans and grind them fresh just before brewing. Second, make sure your espresso machine is properly calibrated and functioning correctly. Third, use filtered water for brewing espresso. And finally, experiment with different blends of espresso beans to find the one that gives you the best crema.

Why has crema become so big a topic?

There are some disagreements among coffee experts about how important—or completely unimportant—crema is for espresso. Some people believe that crema is essential for a good cup of espresso, while others claim that it doesn't contribute much to the flavor and can even be a sign of poor brewing technique.

What matters most, ultimately, is your own taste buds. If you enjoy crema in your espresso, then by all means continue to seek out espressos with thick, creamy cremas. But if you find crema to be unpleasant or overwhelming, then feel free to experiment with different blends and brewing techniques until you find something that suits your palate better.

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You're far better off trusting your taste buds than your eyes when making an espresso drink, but crema may be a beautiful and appealing feature of espresso.


We hope you now have a better understanding of what crema is and why it matters in your cup of coffee. At Kunjani, we are passionate about sourcing the best quality beans from around the world and roasting them to perfection so you can make delicious espresso drinks at home. Shop our espresso beans today and create something wonderful!

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