Small-Batch Coffee Roasting is Better

3 Reasons Why Small-Batch Roasting Produces Better Coffee

Have you ever wondered why your morning pick-me-up is not as satisfying as you thought after a few sips? The main reason is it comes from a mass-produced, poor-quality coffee roasting company. Even if its beans come from a reputable producer, the roasting process can make or break the taste and value. That’s why you may want to consider looking for a small-batch coffee roaster like Kunjani. But what exactly do we have to offer, and what benefits can you get out of our products?

This article will discuss the three main reasons why small-batch coffee roasting is more beneficial for meeting your caffeine needs. Take this as an opportunity to become more knowledgeable about the different types of options on the market, especially since the food and beverage industry is filled with unethical business practices and low-quality products. This way, you can be assured of great-tasting coffee.

1. Provides consistent, top-quality products 

    One main aspect of coffee you have to look into is its roasting process. It is what gives the coffee its desirable qualities, such as the aroma, bitterness, and depth of flavor.

    Sadly, due to the high demand for this drink, companies often turn to massive, full-mechanized roasting, which produces more waste, washes away valuable products, and yields random batches with varying qualities. It means you won’t get the best value for your money, even if you buy the coffee at a discounted price.

    On the other hand, if you opt for small-batch coffee roasters, you can rest assured that your cup of coffee is made of the highest quality beans and has been given the time to develop its rich flavor and smell.

    At Kunjani we only roast up to 6 pounds of coffee beans at a time, allowing for effective quality control. Therefore, you have an unmatched caffeine fix that will never come close to anything mass-produced, or driven by profits rather than value.

    2. Offers on-demand, fresh products

    The main issue with coffee in the public marketplace is its deterioration at each step of the product life cycle. Once harvested, the time span from roasting and packaging often takes days or months to accomplish. Because of this, you may end up with coffee products that either lose their potency, or are loaded with preservatives to meet consumer demands and address shelf-life issues. Just look at the coffee at supermarkets and you will see that they don’t have a roast date on them, instead they have a best by date, usually up to a year. 😮

    Meanwhile, when you buy a bag of coffee from us you can expect fresh coffee beans brought to your doorstep. It’s because the coffee beans you purchase from us have been harvested no more than a couple months before and roasted on the same day you order, ensuring maximum freshness. This way, you can enjoy the best-tasting coffee, either as a morning drink or as a welcome beverage for your guests in the afternoon!

    Check out our roasting schedule to see when you can expect your coffee to be roasted.

    3. Gives you the chance to support small businesses and niche communities 

    As a small-batch roaster, we only roast specialty coffee, which is often regarded as a premium product with a hefty price tag. The reality is every penny you spend on it empowers small producers and partners around the world. Read how a large coffee house company has a negative impact on farmers. Hint: you see them on every corner, their logo is green.

    Since small-batch roasting is not as massive in its operations, it takes time and effort for us to research and import coffee from these small farmers. But if you put in the effort to buy from roasters like Kunjani, you can take part in sustaining a healthy supply chain from producers to consumers.

    For instance, our team takes pride in positively impacting communities, particularly those in need of financial assistance and a sustainable means of livelihood. We also use a specialized small-batch coffee roasting system to reduce the carbon footprint of up to 90 percent per cycle. As a result, if you continue to purchase our high-value products, you can do good and feel good with every brew!


    How your coffee is produced at every step of the way before it reaches the store racks, is something you should take into consideration. Fortunately, you are now more knowledgeable about the benefits of small-batch roasting and its positive outcomes on meeting your caffeine fix.

    Are you looking for the best coffee in Naples? Kunjani is a small-batch coffee roaster that can provide you with that! We are a women-owned, value-driven coffee shop and roaster, enabling you to enjoy each cup as you support our ethical, sustainable business model. We are a proud user of the bellwether roaster, which is a zero-emissions, small-batch coffee roasting machine. Check out our options today!

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