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What Makes Specialty Coffee Better Than Your Average Brew?

Coffee is well-loved worldwide and it will always be present in people’s morning routine. The liquid gold kickstarts the day, sets the mood, and helps beat the afternoon slump, but there’s more to your cup of coffee than meets the eye. That’s why specialty coffee is sweeping cafes everywhere, delighting the taste buds of coffee connoisseurs with the beans’ unprecedented quality.

You instinctively know there’s a difference between the 50-cent coffee at the neighborhood gas station and the specialty coffee available at your favorite coffee shop in Naples (perhaps that little hidden gem called *checks notes* oh, right, Kunjani). But what exactly is special about specialty coffee and what makes it different from store-bought blends? We’re here to spill the beans:

Defining Specialty Coffee

According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), specialty coffee is coffee that has been graded above 80. Specialty coffee also adheres to high quality control standards from source to roast. From trees to your table, the coffee beans should be unprocessed, free from defects, and must be of the highest grade possible. With all that in mind, how does this high quality impact your drinking experience?

Specialty Coffee Guarantees Complex Flavor Profiles

Store-bought coffee can often be bitter, too acidic, light or over roasted, all of which don’t come close to the intense experience you’ll get when drinking specialty coffee. There are different takes on the flavor, but whatever palate you’re leaning towards, specialty coffee will surely attack the taste buds with strong and nuanced notes.

From earthy, flowery, nutty, sweet, chocolatey, acidic, fruity, and more, specialty coffee offers a complex blend of different notes, which together produce a range of sensory experiences. You can also achieve different textures and flavors with different brewing methods, be it through a french press, a pour-over, or an espresso machine. When it comes to brewing specialty coffee, it really deserves the best care to ensure each bean exemplifies the quality standards of specialty coffee.

Specialty Coffee Roasters Source Differently, Promoting Sustainable Efforts

The origin of the coffee itself also determines the quality. Specialty coffee is almost exclusively single-origin, or single-estate, coffee. One of the best things about our coffee, aside from its full-bodied mouth-feel and extensive flavor profile, is that we hand pick where our coffee comes from and which farms. We build relationships with producers and suppliers that meet our quality, sustainability, and transparency standards.

Specialty coffee supports the community and promotes sustainable practices from the start to the end product, so you can have peace of mind knowing that it truly creates an experience better than your average brew.

The Bottom Line: Enhance Your Morning Pick-Me-Up with Specialty Coffee

Compared to commercial coffee, you can expect the brew from our coffee to be on a completely different level. Specialty coffee can offer more in one cup since it guarantees quality all the way back to the beans’ source. 

Are You Looking For Coffee Roasters in Naples, FL?

Specialty coffee offers a unique experience, one that can pack your morning pick-me-up with a flavorful punch. If you’re looking for ways to enrich your routine and indulge in premium-tasting brews, then Kunjani is the place to do just that and more!

Empowered by women, we’re a small-batch specialty coffee shop and roaster who pride ourselves in focusing on sustainable efforts from sourcing to roasting. Visit our shop or order coffee beans online today!

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