4 Interesting Things to Know About Cold Brew Coffee

4 Interesting Things to Know About Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is a refreshing and sweet type of brewed coffee that is loved by many.

If you’re a cold brew enthusiast or a coffee drinker in general, this is for you.

Here are four exciting things to know about cold brew coffee:

1. The Process of Making Cold Brew

Cold brew is generally made with coarse coffee grounds steeped in cold or room temperature water for about eight to 24 hours. The slow, low temp brew makes cold brew taste different than hot brewing the same beans. Its usual flavor notes include low acidity fruits, mellow, and mild chocolate.

Cold brewing relies on time instead of temperature to do the extraction process. As mentioned, it can take about eight to 24 hours, depending on the person and the targeted cold brew taste. Often, it is made as a concentrate then watered down to taste.

While pour-over coffee and drip coffee have a ratio of 1 to 16 coffee to water or 20 grams of ground coffee to 320 milliliters of water, cold brewing is extracted in a lower ratio and can fit different tastes.

2. Cold Brew Is Less Acidic

Drinking cold brew might actually be better than hot brewed coffee since it has a more forgiving brewing process. Plus, it’s highly convenient. You get all the health and energy benefits of hot coffee, with less acidity. It’s also a great time to make use of older coffee beans just stuck in your pantry.

Moreover, cold brewing is easy to prepare in large quantities in advance. It also offers a refreshing, convenient, and caffeinated drink for busy mornings. Perhaps though, the best thing drinkers say about cold brew is that it is mild and has low acidity levels.

Generally, it tastes way less acidic than hot brewed coffee from the same beans. Moreover, it is also famous for being smooth and mellow, not only on the palate but also on the stomach.

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3. Cold Brew Lasts for More Than a Week

Cold brew and cold brew concentrate, when refrigerated, can last about a week and a half. It’s also recommended to store cold brew in airtight containers and place in the fridge after it’s been brewed and filtered. Moreover, it should not be opened often for the best results. 

On the other hand, if you’ve already diluted the cold brew with milk or alternative milk, it needs to be consumed in a few days. This goes for both cold brew and cold brew concentrate, especially if you pour yourself a glass daily.

4. Cold Brew Can Either Be Strong or Weak

Cold brew isn’t always strong and highly caffeinated, contrary to popular belief. While brewing with a higher coffee to water ratio, the concentrate can have more caffeine than the same volume of hot brewed coffee, even with espressos. 

Still, almost nobody drinks cold brew concentrate. It is almost always combined with more water, ice, milk, or alt milk, pushing the caffeine content of one serving back to its normal range. So, unless you’re making a solid concentrate and chugging it as is, your glass of cold brew should be as strong as a hot cup of coffee.

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These exciting facts show coffee drinkers how cold brew is different from its hot counterpart. It’s also often praised as the better brew due to being less acidic and longer-lasting.

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