Introducing specialty coffee to your family

5 Ways to Introduce Specialty Coffee to Your Family

The holidays are coming. For many people, that means spending quality time and making memories with family and friends. One of the highlights of the holidays is the opportunity to share your favorite seasonal delicacies, and yes, that includes coffee.

After all, nothing beats drinking your daily dose of caffeine at home or visiting the best coffee shop in Naples, FL, during the cold winter days.

If you're planning to share your favorite coffee with your beloved folks this holiday season, make sure to finish reading this article. Below are a few ways and tips on how to introduce specialty coffee to your family.

Look, we'd all like our families to appreciate how great a bright, floral espresso shot can be, or delight in the nuances of a chemex. However, this is a significant change from the more traditional brewing methods and less exciting tasting coffees they may be accustomed to! Starting small with an old-fashioned drip coffee pot is a good idea.

Prepare it ahead of time and serve it to them without feeling obligated to explain what you've prepared. A lot of intricate knowledge might be daunting, and this can lead to you overwhelming your test subject. 😁

1. Maintain a Straightforward Approach

Choose to keep things easy and simple by offering a mix that has some typical coffee aromas as well as a little something extra. It can provide your family some comfort with familiarity, but at the same time, add something more exciting to what they're accustomed to having.

2. Avoid Being a Snob

Many individuals believe that drinking specialty coffee is a pretentious pastime. Meanwhile, others believe that all kinds of coffee taste the same and that drinking it as a hobby is a waste of time.

Rather than argue with someone and struggle to defend your love for a cup of joe, the greatest thing you can do is respond with humor and humility to any rejection.

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3. Keep the Bag Close to the Brew

Specialty coffee is frequently packed in attractive packaging. If you haven't already done so, place that lovely bag next to your brewer! Someone passing by may pick it up and ask about it. It's simpler to offer information about the coffee you've prepared once they’re interested and even ask a question or two about it. 

4. Introduce Pour Overs

For many coffee beginners, their first pour-over is an eye-opening experience. It is an excellent brew technique for deciphering the complexities of many coffees. After your family has had a more complex roast than the typical grocery store coffee, having them try it as a pour-over might finally open their eyes to the world of specialty coffee.


5. You Should Spread the Facts Out

Don't attempt to do everything in one sitting. Offer a pour-over at the next meeting after a morning pot of drip. For newer coffee consumers, too much at once might cause an overload of information they may not be prepared to receive.

Warm and Cozy Specialty Coffee for the Holidays 

According to research, coffee consumption rises during the holidays, and there are many reasons for this!

To begin, December is when many places all over the world begin to get pretty cold. After the occasionally unpleasant experience of waking up to a chilly home, delicious hot coffee in the morning is a terrific way to start the day.
 Cup of coffee with holiday cookies

A cup of coffee also enhances a chilly stroll to work or to the park. It could even be a lovely compliment to a relaxing evening by the fireplace.


Coffee is a beverage that you may prepare in various ways and has a wide range of flavors depending on the roast. It's the ideal beverage to enjoy with friends and family, not only in winter but anytime of the year!

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