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How to Make a Kickass Cup of Coffee at Home

In your town, there are more than enough places to buy a cup of coffee. But, what about specialty coffees? We're talking about those delicious, hard-to-find beans that you can only find at your favorite cafe.

Wouldn't it be great if you could make them yourself at home? Not only would you save money, but you'd also get to enjoy your coffee exactly the way you like it. In this blog post, we'll teach you how to make a kickass cup of coffee at home using specialty coffee beans from Kunjani!

The Importance of Fresh, Specialty Coffee Beans

When it comes to making a great cup of coffee at home, using fresh, specialty coffee beans is essential. Why? Because these beans have been roasted specifically for brewing espresso, pour-over or French press coffee. They haven't been sitting on a shelf for months (or years) like grocery store coffee beans.

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The result? You'll get a richer, more complex cup of coffee with unique flavor notes that you simply can't replicate with stale beans.

How to Choose the Right Grind for Your Brewing Method

When selecting fresh, specialty coffee beans, it's important to consider your brewing method and personal taste preferences.

For example:

If you're using a French press, buy whole beans and grind them coarsely.

If you're using an espresso machine, finely grind your beans.

If you're using a pour-over brewer, ground your beans to a medium-finely ground.

At Kunjani we offer to grind your coffee beans when you order online or when you purchase at our coffee shop.

How to Store Your Beans for Maximum Freshness

Once you've chosen the right beans and grind, it's important to store them correctly. Coffee beans are best stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. If they're not stored properly, the flavor will quickly deteriorate.

Be sure to keep them away from moisture and heat, which can cause them to spoil.

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How to Brew a Delicious Cup of Coffee at Home

Now that you've got fresh, specialty coffee beans, it's time to brew a delicious cup of coffee at home. Here are some tips:

  • Use filtered water for the best flavor.
  • Pour enough water to fully saturate the grounds. See our blooming guide.
  • Don't forget to preheat your mug or pitcher.
  • Use a ratio of coffee to water that's between 1:14 and 1:18
  • Use a scale to measure your coffee beans.
  • Brew your coffee at the right temperature.
  • Let your coffee grounds steep for the right amount of time.
  • Allow your coffee to brew for the appropriate amount of time. If it brews for too long, the coffee will be bitter. If it doesn't brew long enough, the coffee will be weak.

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Learn how to brew coffee at home

Now that you know how to make a kickass cup of coffee at home, head over to our shop and purchase some fresh, specialty coffee beans. We promise you won't be disappointed!

Kunjani is a women-owned and operated coffee shop and roastery based in Naples, Florida. We specialize in small-batch, specialty coffee that is ethically sourced and sustainably grown. Our coffee beans are roasted to perfection, ensuring a rich and flavorful cup of coffee every time.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post!

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