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Colombia Finca Palmichal

Colombia Finca Palmichal

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The Colombia Finca Palmichal is silky and sweet, with pronounced chocolate and citrus notes.

We taste Orange, Chocolate, Maple Syrup

  • Variety: Castillo
  • Process: Washed
  • Region: Quindio, Colombia, South America
  • Elevation: 1560m
  • Roast level: Dark

For coffee drinkers who crave a taste of place, this single-estate coffee offers a unique opportunity

Single-Origin Colombia Specialty Coffee


Farm: Finca Palmichal
Producer: Atilano Giraldo
Sub-region: La Coqueta, Genova, Quindio

Dark roast Colombian coffee

Roast level

We roast this specialty coffee to a Dark roast to highlight all its flavor and aroma.

Cupping notes Colombia specialty coffee

Cupping notes

Nutty cocoa, Sweet, Fruity, Cocoa, Brown sugar, Citrus fruit, Chocolate, Maple syrup, Orange.

Colombia Finca Palmichal Specialty Coffee

Bright acidity, Silky Body

Single-Estate Coffee

On the quest for disinguished coffee, you simply can't pass Colombia. An all-around enjoyable and balanced cup that exhibits just why Colombian coffee is so great 🇨🇴

Coffee beans from Colombia

Rare coffee estate

Farm Story

Third Generation Coffee Farmer

About the Producer

Atilano Giraldo - Finca Palmichal, Colombian Specialty Coffee
Coffee with a positive impact

Environmental & Community

Positive Impact