Specialty Decaf Colombia Palmera
Specialty Decaf Colombia Palmera Coffee

Decaf Colombia Palmera

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Decaf coffee, without compromise. This Colombia Palmera is deliciously sweet with a full body and medium acidity.

We taste Cinnamon, Caramel, Citrus

  • Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
  • Process: Sugarcane EA Decaf, Washed
  • Region: Huila Department, Colombia
  • Elevation: 1500m
  • Roast level: Medium

    Full body and medium acidity are characteristic of clean Colombian coffees

    Colombian Decaf Coffee


    Farm: Smallholder Farms
    Producer: Smallholder Producers
    Sub-region: Huila

    Medium Roast Colombia Decaf Coffee

    Medium roast

    We roast this delicious coffee to a medium roast, exhibiting more balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity.

    Decaf Colombia Palmera Tasting Notes

    Cupping notes

    Spices, Sweet, Brown spice, Vanillin, Overall sweet, Brown sugar, Cinnamon, Caramelized

    Decaf Colombia Palmera Specialty Coffee

    classic fully washed profile

    Coffee with a focus on cup consistency

    Named for Colombia's national tree, Palmera is produced on farms in the Huila region. One cup in the morning simply will not do. You will crave more of this rich, Colombian flavor long after the last drop 🇨🇴

    Colombia Decaf Coffee Smallholder Farmers

    Smallholder Farms

    Farm Story

    Natural solvents

    About the Process

    Natural Decaf Colombia Palmera Process


    Positive Impact