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Uganda Bukusu Station

Uganda Bukusu Station

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Uganda Bukusu Station is an excellent example of how great Ugandan coffee can be, given the right care and attention.

We taste Dried Apricot, Raisin, Raw Sugar

  • Variety: SL28
  • Process: Washed
  • Region: Mbale City, Uganda, Africa
  • Elevation: 1500-1800m
  • Roast level: Medium

    A versatile medium roast, with a clean velvety mouthfeel


    Farm: Bukusu Washing Station
    Producer: Francis Kamuhanda
    Sub-region: Bubulo Commune, Manafwa District

    Roast level

    We are roasting it very carefully to a Medium roast to not disturb the natural balance of flavors that this coffee has.

    Cupping notes

    Sweet, Fruity, Overall sweet, Dried fruit, Other fruit, Raisin

    Uganda Bukusu Station Specialty Coffee | Kunjani Naples

    Sweet, Balanced, Lighter Body

    Single Origin Coffee

    This varietal has a balanced lighter body with sweet tasting notes of raisin and smoked plum juiciness. An excellent example of great Ugandan coffee 🇺🇬

    Sustainable Uganda Specialty Coffee

    Fully-Integrated Production

    Farm Story

    About the Producer

    Uganda Bukusu Station Coffee