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Which Roast Should You Choose For Your Cold Brew Coffee?

Full immersion cold brewing is one of the most popular ways to make iced coffee at home using minimal equipment. It’s also one of the simplest ways to brew a great cup! Before you figure out what you enjoy most, however, you will likely have to apply quite a bit of trial and error. Part of the process is learning which type of roast suits your tastes the most.

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There are several factors that determine a coffee’s subjectively determined level of roast, which include appearance, body, taste, and aroma. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between light, medium, and dark roasts as well as which one has the best profile for cold brew coffee.

Dark Roast - Classic and Robust

This type of roast is where the beans are roasted until all the sugar in the beans starts caramelizing, triggering the oil to rise to the surface of the beans. As for its physical appearance, it is a dark brown color that is similar to dark chocolate. 

The roasting process has the beans roasted until they reach an internal temperature of 240°C (464°F), the end of the second crack - or beyond.

The beans give off strong and smokey flavor profiles. Due to the extended roasting, the amount of caffeine in this is significantly reduced. 

Dark roasts are most commonly used for cold brew coffee because the roast profile offers a consistent flavor. The margin of error is low, and the rich flavor is suitable for those who enjoy adding milk or sweeteners to their brew.

Medium Roast - Complex and Flavorful

This coffee roast has a medium brown color and produces a balanced flavor between sweetness and acidic. The beans are roasted until they reach an internal temperature between 210°C (410°F) and 220°C  (428°F), enough to reach the end of the first crack and before the second crack begins. Through this process, medium roast beans achieve a dry surface and full-bodied flavor. 

Medium roasts, like dark roasts, are easy to brew. Unlike dark roasts, they will reveal more of the beans’ flavor rather than only that of the roast profile.

Light Roast - Fresh and Exciting

This type of roast comes in brown or golden color; hence, the name. During the roasting process, it reaches an internal temperature of 180°C - 205°C (356°F - 401°F). When it reaches 205°C (401°F), the beans pop and expand in size.

This is because the 205°C (401°F) is the “first crack,” but what makes light roast different is that it never reaches a second crack. As a result, it produces a delicate brew that is light in its body with no surface oil. As for its flavor, it has a toasted taste and acidity that lets the original flavor of the beans come through.

Light roasts offer respect to the flavor of their beans. However, the margin of error is higher when it comes to full immersion cold brews. To get the most out of the flavor, coffee aficionados often use the cold drip method instead.

So Which Coffee Roast Is Best For Cold Brew? 

As with just about everything else in the specialty coffee world, there is no right answer when it comes to which roast is the best. It all comes down to your taste preferences!

Whereas dark roasts are classic and will offer the most consistent flavor, medium roasts reveal slightly more complexity. Light roasts, on the other hand, are most appropriate for those who enjoy picking out the minute details in a brew, from fruit notes to aroma.

Different roast levels of coffee

It’s generally recommended that beginners start with darker roasts, then experiment to discover what they like best!

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The Perfect Roast

Cold brew is one of the easiest ways to make coffee at home. Its deliciousness lies in the fact that it has different tastes depending on how you adjust the many factors in play. Light, medium, and dark coffee roasts are available and can fit all preferences.

You only need to try them all to know the best one for you. Trust us; when you find the right coffee roast for you, you’ll be in coffee heaven for sure! The good news is, there are coffee roasters that will allow you to have fun exploring their flavors that will make the coffee lover in you happy. One of these is Kunjani.

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