Our Story


Lifting each other up with love

As a mother and daughter team from Zimbabwe, we have always had a long time dream of one day opening a business together, a business created through love and built on humanitarian principles.

Kunjani is more than just a coffee shop. It is more than just a gallery. It is both of these things, combined with so much more.

Therefore, be it through sales of the fair trade items in our gallery, empowerment and awareness cultivated daily, or donating proceeds from monthly fundraising efforts, and our Kunjani Project, we constantly strive to make a long lasting positive impact.


What does "Kunjani" mean?

Kunjani is a both a Zulu and Xhosa word, which translates directly to “How is it?” However this word is used more colloquially as a general greeting – as in “how is it going?” or “how are you?”