Coffee beans

Craft Coffee

We offer a number of different hand brewing techniques including; French Press, V60, and Chemex brewers, as well as standard brewed coffee and espresso drinks.

We are fortunate enough to be able to carry organic coffee from Black Tulip Coffee, which is locally roasted here in Naples, as well as from Per’La Specialty Roasters, which is supplied to us from Miami.

So, be it organic coffee, organic tea, cold brew coffee, organic cold pressed juice, organic kombucha or all natural food, our goods carry the Kunjani Coffee Company’s stamp of high quality. We invite you to come in to unwind, browse the gallery, or enjoy our outdoor seating area next time you’re in the neighborhood.

Meet Our Coffee Roasters!


At Kunjani we work with some amazingly wonderful suppliers who have become friends. We are so grateful to share these interviews with Paul Massard of Per'La Specialty Roasters, and Andrew Daane of Black Tulip Coffee. 



We are so grateful to share this interview with Paul Massard of Per'La Specialty Roasters. Paul supplies us with our organic espresso and teas! Take a peek and show Paul some love.


Meet one of our favorite coffee roasters and good friend, Andrew Daane of Black Tulip Coffee. Andrew was kind enough to share his story and provide a few highlights about what makes Black Tulip such a special brand. We hope you enjoy his interview and come by to see us for a cup today!